A Progressive Vision for Ann Arbor.

Our community is not without its challenges, including an affordable housing crisis, environmental pollution, and socioeconomic segregation. Linh’s training as a community organizer and social worker pushes her to confront difficult issues head on. We need council representatives who are committed to listening to the community and who will actively engage those who are missing from the conversation. Ann Arbor has changed in recent years, but we still have shared beliefs. Together, we can lay groundwork to plan for a future that truly represents our community values.

City Services

  • Maintain clean water in our homes and parks
  • Improve bus routes to better serve AAPS students, seniors, and commuters
  • Support improvements to our 160+ parks and implementation of the 2018 parks millage renewal
  • Collaborate with regional authorities to strengthen public transit
  • Support pedestrian safety
  • Maintain optimal recycling, compost, and sanitation services

Good Governance

  • Ensure equitable access to services
  • Stabilize city administration
  • Strengthen collaborations with the University of Michigan, Washtenaw County, and State of Michigan on infrastructure and programs
  • Encourage data driven, evidence-based best practices in city management
  • Pursue a Servant Leadership model to engage, empower, and uplift our community and city staff
  • Foster a culture of transparency
  • Promote community engagement and civil communication


  • Understand our history and work together to define our future as a welcoming community
  • Activate plans for affordable housing so that more community members, such as teachers, nurses, and city staff can live near where they work
  • Establish crisis-ready protocol and policies to strengthen support for small businesses and essential workers 
  • Proactively address the broader Ann Arbor area’s status as the 8th most economically segregated community in the country
  • Celebrate and welcome racial and ethnic diversity in every neighborhood, by strengthening community bonds and enforcing policies against hate crimes