Ann Arbor Community Support

The Ann Arbor community needs a change in its City Council. Linh Song is a truly progressive democrat that will represent Ward 2 well, and affect real change across the entire City Council.

From Linh: I intentionally chose not to seek endorsements of current Ann Arbor City Council Members. My goal is to remain independent and represent the values of the ward 2 community while working on behalf of all Ann Arbor residents. I pledge to support policy initiatives based on sound, evidence-based criteria. At its core, public service is a community effort. We must work together for the common good.”

Organizations & Community Leaders

Ann Arbor Indivisible

Graduate Employees’ Union at U-Michigan

Huron Valley Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA! Local 499)

New American Leaders

Planned Parenthood “100% Favorable Rating”

Southpaw Michigan


Jeff Irwin | State Senator

Donna Lasinski | State Representative

Andy LaBarre | Washtenaw County Commissioner

Felicia Braebec | Washtenaw County Commissioner

Jason Morgan | Washtenaw County Commissioner

Katie Scott | Washtenaw County Commissioner

Ricky Jefferson | Washtenaw County Commissioner

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed | Community Leader, Founder of Southpaw

Yodit Mesfin Johnson | Nonprofit Director

Lori Roddy | Nonprofit Director, Social Worker

Praveena Ramaswami | Community Leader

Kerene Moore | Vice Chair, Ann Arbor District Library Board

Dharma Akmon | Treasurer, Ann Arbor District Library Board

Jim Leija | Secretary, Ann Arbor District Library Board

Molly Kleinman | Ann Arbor District Library Board

Jamie Vander Broek | Former Chair, Ann Arbor District Library Board

Victoria Green | Trustee, Ann Arbor District Library Board

Lisa and Wei Bee | Sweetwaters

Jenny Song | Songbird Cafe

Community Endorsements

Social workers, healthcare providers, and teachers in the Ann Arbor community endorse Linh’s problem-solving approach and commitment to building a welcoming community.

Ken Anderson | Social Worker

Traci Blancke | Social Worker

Dr. Keenan Bora | Physician

Amanda Carlisle | Housing Advocate

Ché Carter | School Principal

Lynn Chamberlain | Social Worker

Dr. Tammy Chang | Physician

Tom Clarkson | Teacher

Ellen Daniels | Teacher

Beverly Davidson | Social Worker

Sean Eldon | Teacher

Aimee Eldon | Teacher

Larry Gant | Social Worker

Lorraine Gutierrez | Social Worker

Heather Halabu | Teacher

Justin Hodge | Social Worker

Bianca Humphries |Teacher

Amy Janowicz | Dentist

Tracy Jensen | Attorney and Advocate

Helen Kaplan | Social Worker

Michelle Karr | Social Worker

Christine Kelley | Social Worker

Jeremy Lapham | Nurse Practitioner

Laurie White | Psychologist

Anne Leo | Social Worker

Dr. Sonia Leung | Physician

Jeannie Leverich | Social Worker

Edith Lewis | Social Worker

Dr. Mikel Llanes | Physician

Carly Ly | Social Worker

Charlene Mangi | School Psychologist

Derrick Miller | Housing Advocate

Wayne Millette | Teacher

Dr. Jim Mitchiner | Physician

Cathy Murphy | Psychologist

Lea Nascimento | Teacher

Dr. Megan Olson | Physician

Lori and Paul Saginaw | Community Advocates

Katie Page Sander | Social Worker

Aubrey Patino | Housing Advocate

Suzanne Perkins | Psychologist

Greg Pratt | Social Worker

Dr. Vidhya Ramanathan | Physician

Lee Roosevelt | Certified Nurse Practitioner

Mira Sussman | Social Worker

Lisa Teshima | Teacher

Rachel Toon | Teacher

Kelly VanEe | School Social Worker

Leslie Vosters | Teacher

Dr. Lisa White | Physician

Diana Wong | Teacher

Sandra Wong | Psychologist

Sky Woodman | Social Worker

Dr. Justine Wu | Physician

Dr. Yuyang Ye | Physician

Sara Zocher | Social Worker


"When we needed the community to unite behind funding mental health services, Linh Song stepped up to help lead the charge. She was key in getting the mental health millage passed and needs your support to strengthen community initiatives on council." - Andy LaBarre

"Ann Arbor is the hub of progressive leadership in MI. But it’s time we take a hard look in our own communities and ask if our policies are meeting our own standards around inclusion, equity, and sustainability. I’m supporting Linh because she understands that." - Dr. Abdul El-Sayed

"To know Linh is to know a force of nature. She has a heart to serve and an ear to listen. I trust that she'll bring a needed perspective to the Ann Arbor City Council, not just as a brilliant, long-time activist and leader, but as an Asian-American person of color-- something Council desperately needs. Her many identities, including being a Mom, will bring Ann Arbor families' needs and priorities to the table as well. In the decade or more that I've known Linh, I've only ever known her to be compassionate, action-oriented and laser-focused on doing what's right regardless of what anyone else says. She exemplifies the servant-leader we need now." - Yodit Mesfin Johnson

"Linh Song not only has the experience but is also someone who listens, considers both sides, and evaluates based on data with trusted experts. In an ever-changing and growing area, she will be the best representation of Ward 2 and the North side of Ann Arbor." - Praveena Ramaswami

“I have known Linh for 14 years now. I have found her to be a big thinker with a big heart. She has roped me into many worthwhile projects with her, including helping to coordinate GIFT (which, by the way, was one of the best experiences of my career as a school psychologist), as well as many neighborhood activities that have centered around getting to know our larger neighborhood. This has included fighting the bus yard initiative by UM, having the school and families have a discussion about bus issues, helping neighbors who lost everything in a house fire, and raising money for schools. The work that Linh has done will continue to have a significant and positive impact on those she has reached for years to come. I believe she has the best interest of the community at heart and is invested in making sure all are welcomed and supported in our community.” - Sandra Wong