Linh Song for Ann Arbor City Council

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Linh Song

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A progressive democrat for
Ann Arbor City Council Ward 2

“Ann Arbor is a community that attracts people from many different walks of life with its strong, progressive values, and rich history. My family and I chose Ann Arbor as our home but, in many ways, Ann Arbor chose us, beginning from when my husband and I were students at the University of Michigan. 

Our mentors encouraged us to work hard, build communities, and never forget where we came from. Our neighbors embraced us as we started our family and humored me when I organized neighborhood events. Whenever we’ve wondered if we belong here, the response has been with love and a resounding, ‘Yes!’

I’m running for City Council in Ward 2 because I am committed to making sure that the city delivers quality services and maintains good governance. While these duties are fundamental, I am also committed to building a welcoming community. Together we can lay the groundwork for a future that truly represents our shared values.”

— Linh

Linh Song