about Linh Song: Progressive democrat for ann arbor city council


Linh Song for Ann Arbor City Council

Linh, born and raised by Vietnamese refugees in the Midwest, has resided in Ann Arbor for over 20 years. She believes that our government should work for everyone, including the most vulnerable. As an Ann Arbor City Council member for Ward 2, Linh will listen to residents and work closely with city officials to ensure that Ann Arbor maintains good governance and provides quality services.

While basic services are important, she also understands the complexities that face a growing community and will work hard to build a landscape that allows our community to move forward together.

Linh supports inclusivity in Ann Arbor

Public Service

Linh Song is currently serving in her second term as chair of the Ann Arbor District Library Board of Trustees. She leads the board in oversight of library policies, management of an annual 14.8 million dollar budget, and important structural and strategic planning to prepare for the library’s future. Linh was elected to this role in 2016 and will be completing her term this year.

Linh Song AADL
Linh Song Ward 2

Working for the Greater Good

Linh briefly taught International Social Work at the University of Michigan before being recruited to the nonprofit sector. In response to community needs, she performed extensive ethical adoption and anti-trafficking work, advancing protections against adoption fraud and collaborating closely with federal officials to stop human trafficking. She also briefly served as director of the Ann Arbor Public Schools Educational Foundation where she oversaw its transition from a foundation to a fund at the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation. 

Linh currently serves on the Board of Directors for Avalon, which provides permanent, supportive housing in the Ann Arbor community, and on the Board of the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation.  She has also served on the boards of the CivCity Initiative, Neutral Zone, University Musical Society, and Orchard Hills Athletic Club. She is the former president of the Glacier Highlands Neighborhood Association and Martin Luther King Elementary’s PTO. Linh also directed a technology support program at Nonprofit Enterprise at Work, a nonprofit capacity-building organization in Ann Arbor, and served as a lay healthworker for UM’s Healthy Asian Americans Project.

Linh Song Affordable Housing
Linh and Dug Song

Linh has lived in Ann Arbor for 21 years and is married to Dug Song, founder and CEO of Duo Security. They have two children and live in the Glacier-Highlands neighborhood on Ann Arbor’s northeast side.


University of Michigan

  • B.A. in Political Science
  • M.S.W. in Policy and Evaluation

Ann Arbor